CURRENT FEDERAL MILEAGE RATE: $0.655/MILE (1/1/23 — 12/31/23) 

For reimbursement purposes, please use the current mileage reimbursement rate.


Reimbursement Criteria

Montana Disaster and Emergency Services Search and Rescue



Mission Reimbursement Form (Effective March 1, 2022) — PDF Form

Mission Reimbursement — On-line Submission Form



Equipment Reimbursement Form (Effective March 1, 2022) — PDF Form

Equipment Reimbursement — On-line Submission Form



Training Reimbursement Form (Effective March 1, 2022) — PDF Form

Training Reimbursement — On-line Submission Form


Legislative Changes to SAR Reimbursement (HB 678 — 2021 Legislative Session) 

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